Who's Who

Details of the members of the Council and the Clerk are shown below. All members serve on the Planning Committee and individual members currently have no special responsibilities.
Photograph of David Nunn

David Nunn (Chairman)

Address: The Mount, Mill Lane, Newton-in-the-Isle, PE13 5HZ
Photograph of Roger Moore

Roger Moore (Vice-Chairman)

Address: 8 Colvile Road, Newton-in-the-Isle, PE13 5HH
Photograph of Richard Bradley

Richard Bradley

Address: Ivy Cottage, Seaford Farm, Cross Drove, Gorefield, PE13 4QF
Photograph of Samantha Clark

Samantha Clark

Address: High Trees, Rectory Road, Newton-in-the-Isle, PE13 5EU
Photograph of Duncan Freeman

Duncan Freeman

Address: Beech Trees, Church Lane, Newton-in-the-Isle, PE13 5HF
Photograph of Edward Jones

Edward Jones

Address: The Chestnuts, Mill Lane, Newton-in-the-Isle, PE13 5HZ
Photograph of Geoffrey Wilkinson

Geoffrey Wilkinson

Address: 24 Fen Road, Newton-in-the-Isle, PE13 5HT
Photograph of Dave Gibbs

Dave Gibbs (Clerk)

Address: Parrock View, 358 High Road, Newton-in-the-Isle, PE13 5HS