Who's Who

Details of the members of the Council and the Clerk are shown below.
Photograph of David Nunn

David Nunn (Chairman)

Address: The Mount, Mill Lane, Newton-in-the-Isle, PE13 5HZ
Photograph of Roger Moore

Roger Moore (Vice-Chairman)

Address: 8 Colvile Road, Newton-in-the-Isle, PE13 5HH
Photograph of Richard Bradley

Richard Bradley

Address: Ivy Cottage, Seaford Farm, Cross Drove, Gorefield, PE13 4QF
Photograph of Samantha Clark

Samantha Clark

Address: High Trees, Rectory Road, Newton-in-the-Isle, PE13 5EU
Photograph of Duncan Freeman

Duncan Freeman

Address: Beech Trees, Church Lane, Newton-in-the-Isle, PE13 5HF
Photograph of Edward Jones

Edward Jones

Address: The Chestnuts, Mill Lane, Newton-in-the-Isle, PE13 5HZ
Photograph of Geoffrey Wilkinson

Geoffrey Wilkinson

Address: 24 Fen Road, Newton-in-the-Isle, PE13 5HT
Photograph of Dave Gibbs

Dave Gibbs (Clerk)

Address: Parrock View, 358 High Road, Newton-in-the-Isle, PE13 5HS